Life Goast

LIFE16 ENV/IT/000416

LIFE GOAST updadest from August 2020


Just a quick news in the middle of the Summer break! The team has finished to process the entire batch of leather begun at the on July. PSB tested different solutions for the retanning and fatlquoring; in addition, different dyestuffs were applied in order to obtain different articles. The feedback is still in line with the expectations, although the techinicias reported that the articles could also give further better results.

In terms of water and chemical consumptions the team reported to have obtained satifactory results; COD from the retanning were also analysed and showed to be lower than expected (a remarkable results for the implementation). The team needs to process all this data in terms of LCA and LCC studies; this stage of the implementation has already begun, althogh needs further effeort and data.

In the meantime, GSC, PSB MDC and UNIVE are coming back from the Summer break at their respective operative sites. However, plenty of us are still on holiday!!! So, we will be back to track from the 1st of September in order to schedule further tests and to carry on with the implementation.


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