Life Goast

LIFE16 ENV/IT/000416



UNIVE researchers as delegates of LIFE GOAST TEAM attended at the congress CIS2019 - Chemistry meets Industry and Society- last August 2019.  It was an important event to present the LIFE GOAST project as an example of when the scientific capabilities of research meet industry and society needs. Moreover, it was an effective opportunity for our delegates to meet technicians and chemists from industry and academic world sharing the future perspectives of technologies and sustainability. The team participated to Day two poster session with its contribution on Life GOAST project focusing on the state of the research about the requalification of shaving waste to produce bio-char as soil ammendant and bio-oil as fatliquoring agent. The project caught the interest of many scientists who work in different fields, especially from the power-cell and brake pad business.
The poster and abstract will be available in the pictures attached into this news.


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